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  • Sharpen your skills, increase your value in the job market. Fulfill your continuing education requirements for FCPAA and other credentials. The FCPAA offers the best Forensic Accounting education available. Our educational services includes conferences, seminars, webinars, self-study courses, case studies, books and manuals.

    FCPAA provides the material such as, books, study guides, resume review, referrals, personal development, job search, training materials on building your own firm, webinars, and expert collaboration.

    We are thorough and go the extra mile, to provide services that propels you into your future! As a Forensic Accounting student in our program, you can expect the following:

    International Job Connections:

    If you have ever wanted to work abroad, now is the time. We can consult you on the work abroad opportunities available to you.

    Business Consultation:

    Are you interested in building your own client base? Are you interested in starting your own Forensic Accounting firm? Let one of our partners consult you and give you resources on how to develop your own business and business leads.

    Business Promotion:

    Do you already have your business going? We have a thriving community of members and we will promote your company to members to give you some extra, ongoing exposure.

    Career Advising:

    We will help create a strategic plan based on your past and current work experience, to help launch you into your next career goal.

    Resume Advising:

    We will discuss how to update your resume, according to industry standards. Also, we will provide tips and tricks to help your resume show up in the search engines. Keywords are highly important in resumes.

    Cover Letter Advising:

    A cover letter is a great way to provide a first impression to a potential employer. We will pull out your best highlights, career achievements and personal snippets to help you stand out above your competitors.

    Interview Advising:

    Have an interview coming up, that you are nervous about? Let us help you prepare, by doing a mock interview and then give you feedback to help you make proper changes.

    Our community provides the ability to connect amongst colleagues to discuss tips on the interviewing process, finding the right company to work for, and experience of previous forensic accountants.

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